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Posted on: September 9, 2008 6:55 am

Mike and Mike, stick with the radio show, PLEASE.

Monday Night Football, an American institution, has always had debatably the cream of the broadcasting crop. Football fans have been watching monday night games since 1970. That is going on 38 years. I have been around for all 38 of those years and have always found time to watch the games. Whether my Dallas Cowboys where on or not. I have enjoyed the many different broadcasters, some where all show IE Dennis Miller and his "rantings" to Howard Cossell and his off colored remarks. We have seen the likes of Rush Limbaugh, short lived albeit but he did a game. The best of Monday Night would be John Madden and Al Michaels in recent years. With all the greats and not so greats that have called the games can some one please explain to me how, with the vast array of "guest hosts" available to a broadcast giant likes of Disney/ABC/ESPN conglomerate, the best they could do was Mike and Mike. Without the use of all the studio gadgets they would normally use, this tandem was horrific. Stuttering their way through the game as if they were a rookie quarterback facing the Steel Curtain or Doomsday Defense of old. The pair had no clue. I enjoy their radio/TV simulcast a great deal. There though they have a set schedule. Commercials and breaks are preset. Guest are determined days in advance and the script is pre-written. Live, unedited and off the cuff is not their forte. For the rest of my televised football life i can only hope I will never have to endure this team again. So Mike and Mike I have this for you. Stay in the Studio where you belong.

Posted on: September 8, 2008 8:53 am
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Dallas Cowboys, the day they became history

The year was 1964, the Dallas Cowboys had been in the league for only fours years, They had not had a winning year yet. The owner of the Cowboys had hired a defensive coach to be the first head coach in Cowboys history. After yet another losing year in 1963 Clint Murchison made a decision that to this day can be traced back to the defining moment in Dallas Cowboys history. He gave the head coach of the team a ten year contract extension. In the next ten years the Cowboys went on to win a Super Bowl and the NFC championship twice. He was named coach of the year three times in those ten years. This however is not the most notable of his achievements. Tom Landry, Cowboys head coach, invented the Flex Defense, a hybrid of the 4-3 defense he had also invented. This changed the game of football forever, not only cementing Ton Landry's legacy in Cowboys history but in the history of the NFL. He was the First football guru or genius or whatever todays hot new word would be for coaching greatness and still is one of the winningest coaches in professional football history. That is why 1964 was the day that changed history for the Dallas Cowboys and the National Football league. Everything todays great coaches know about defense starts and ends with the great Tom Landry.

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Posted on: September 7, 2008 7:46 pm
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Cowboys Wrap Up, OCB for week 1.

  Dallas Cowboy fans have to be excited. I realize it was the Cleveland Browns but the Cowboys looked great on the offensive side of the ball. Tony Romo had yet another 300 yard game. Terrel Owens had almost 90 yeards and a beautiful 35 yard touchdown catch. Jason Witten and Partick Crayton held up there end as well, Witten almost 100 yards and Crayton topped 80. The offensive line bent a little as the game wore on but did not allow a sack and this gave Romo time to pick apart last years 30th ranked defense.

  There was a down side to the victory though, Marion Barber was taken in for x-rays and will have an MRI on his ribs. Barber was running wild before the injury, 80 yards and 2 touchdowns. I will update his status tomorrow night. Though the injury was not a good start for the Cowboys we did get a look at the number one draft choice in Felix Jones. All I have to say is WOW. This kid is quick and with a 6.8 yards er carry average, he finds the holes and gets through them. Jones ended up with 62 yards and a touchdown. He seems to be the perfect compliment to Barber and the change of pace is exactly what all the Cowboys fans have been talking about since the draft.

  On the defensive side of the ball, before the game Cowboys fans were concerned that the injuries would allow the Browns to get some deep plays. Well the cornerbacks bent but never broke. They held Derek Anderson to a meager 144 yards on 11 of 24 passes. No interception though. The defensive line showed they could stop the run as they held Cleveland's Jamal Lewis to just over 60 yards. They also gave up no rushing touchdowns.

  The special team play. Well the kicking side was outstanding with Matt McBriar putting two out there with a 48.5 average and the punt return coverage allowed only 11 on the returns. Nick Folk did not have a field goal attempt, but the Cowboys did not need one. He did kick four PAT's on four attempts though. The kickoff and punt return teams were a big disappointment today though fans. Adam Jones had two chances and went nowhere. A total of eight yards, that is ludicrous and a fumble, he wants to be the next number 21 for the Dallas Cowboys he is going to have to show us something on special teams. I will say over all kickoff and punt coverage was good. There were no missed tackles and that is an improvement over the preseason.

  I was impressed with the play of two young players today other than Felix Jones. Tashard Choice showed flashes on the running and receiving side of the offense. i also thought that Bobby Carpenter finally showed some promise, he was all over the field and had a couple of good stops. DeMarcus Ware and his draft mate Marcus Spears had a great game as well. I think that Spears is finally coming around and has learned his position well. I expect to see great things from him from here on out.

  Over all I would say this was a great win fro the Cowboys and with the Eagles coming to town, the real test will come on Monday. Stay tuned. Let me hear your thoughts on the game Cowboys fans. The rode to the Super Bowl has begun.

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