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Posted on: September 11, 2008 12:26 am
Edited on: September 11, 2008 6:53 am

9/11, my thoughts.

  The day is upon this great country to once again look back. I should preface these thoughts with a few things so I may cut off some of the comments that may follow.

1) I am from New York City

2) I lost twelve friends that day, not just people I knew but friends I had grown up with and saw often.

3) I believe that Osama Bin Laden is the one responsible for the attacks.

4) I believe that our government has done little to find him or bring him to justice.

5) I miss my friends and feel the pain of their family EVERYDAY not just once a year

  Now with that being said here are some random thoughts I try and process everyday and even more so on the day. I feel a lot of anger. Yes most of it goes toward the cowards that ran the planes into the buildings and the "leader" of those that did and continue to persecute the innocent. The innocent are those that can not defend themselves and do not know why they are being attacked.

  I think of the twelve friends I lost that morning and that in the years since there has been no change for the good of mankind. I think of the FACT that while tomorrow is a day to remember those who died , innocent and not knowing what they were dying for, and to remember those who died trying to save those they never knew and yet still not knowing why. I think that the day should embrace those who survived and the loved ones of those who died. I think that through this that statement is more true than many could even imagine. A symbol that was used against the people of this great country by some very evil people, as well as a symbol that is and will be used against the American people by some very bad people dressed in the clothing of the people only to disrobe behind the doors of the Buildings and show less compassion than the evil that started the whole day of remembrance to begin with.

  I wonder, most times out loud, why nothing has been done. Why the people that are put into the position to protect the country and those who VOTED them into office continue to use the day as a spring board for their own agendas and have not extracted the revenge owed to those people who deserve to have it. Why do i say revenge and not justice. Well that is an easy one. Justice is for those who have a chance of rehabilitation. These monsters have no chance. Finding the true wrong doer , the one that really should pay for the crimes, should be the foremost assault. The ones that showed the way to those who have wronged the innocent should also feel the pain and suffering of the vengeful. The only way to truly get revenge is to see the eyes of the "wrong doer" as the pain is unleashed and the revenge carried out. That is only the way I see it as it pertains to where I come from.

  Lastly i would like to commend those who have stood up for the innocent, the soldiers. The men and women of the United States armed forces that have given their lives and limbs to defend what they believe in. With out question, they stand their ground and shoulder the burden of entire country. Receiving very little in compensation or thanks. The politicians will use the day to try and spin their own agenda and try to divert the realizations of the day to push for election. Meanwhile the soldiers will push on. They will fight and some will die, yet they will not quit. All they will ask for is the ability to do their job and continue the hunt. I for one hope they get the chance to actually hunt down those responsible and in a very public manner, eliminate them from the living.

I would like to hear what you have to say. I only ask that you keep the language clean and your thoughts focused.

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